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Whether an organisation wants to supply its customers, residents or employees with energy monitors to work to a greener future, Current Cost can help.

Becoming greener and being wise about energy use is a group effort, and Current Cost wants to create a group of partners with the same vision and drive to help protect our planet.

With over 1 million users across the world, Current Cost is the leading global provider of real-time displays.  The Current Cost family of innovative products features devices that enable consumers to understand how much energy they use, making it easier to target and reduce energy wastage in the home or workplace.

With constant innovation at the heart of the business, users can view their energy usage information on the monitor itself or via their PC, internet or even a mobile phone.

The new generation of real-time displays even features additional channels to enable Individual Appliance Monitoring. By introducing IAMs (Individual Appliance Monitors) to the home, teamed with RTDs, users can identify and monitor individual home appliances, maybe choosing to switch off any appliance which may be wasting energy or highlight problems with appliance efficiency.

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Bloomberg - latest world business news



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