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About Current Cost

January 2004 saw electrical engineer Martin Dix embark on a life-changing event, which literally did begin with a light bulb; he knew it was 100 watts, but what did it mean in terms of cost? He thought it was odd that this fairly basic information wasn't more evident.
From an initial vision aimed at providing homes with real time information on electricity use, to empowering consumers to change their behaviour, Current Cost embarked on a journey which has lead them to become the UK’s most successful provider of real-time displays (RTDs). These easy-to-read and inexpensive domestic monitors dramatically show how much electricity is being consumed each time an appliance is turned on and how much is being wasted if left on unnecessarily. This ensures that the user can chose to switch off any appliance which is wasting electricity and non-essential.

The Current Cost ethos is to empower consumers with real-time information that helps them identify energy usage and its cost, enabling them to change energy awareness and habits. Whether an organisation needs to supply its customers, residents or employees with energy monitors to work to a greener future, Current Cost has been working tirelessly to provide the solution. Becoming greener and being wise about energy use is a group effort, and Current Cost continues to create a network of partners to spread the vision and ultimately help protect our planet

The business, along with its services, products and support has grown through steep learning curves, distributing over 400,000 monitors in its first four years alone. Now in 2011, with over 1,500,000 units sold, Current Cost are the UK’s most experienced manufacturer of real-time displays and are focused on international expansion.