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Public Sector

Library loan schemes:

Current Cost have supplied over 7000 energy-monitoring units to UK libraries. Monitors are loaned out for 3 weeks at a time and due to the popularity of the loan scheme, the majority have a waiting list. Potentially over 120,000 people have used a monitor via this scheme over the last year. This ensures the technology is easily accessible for all and means everyone can gain some valuable energy saving learnings.

Here's an example of how are our monitors used:

School Energy Awareness schemes:

We work with schools to help make the topic of energy conservation more fun and easy to understand. Schools have secured funding to acquire monitors to use across the whole premises, with a bank of 20-30 units used to carryout individual classroom projects. Monitors are often taken home by class members, with parental interaction encouraged to monitor electricity in the home and compare with other class members.

Here's an example of how are our monitors used:

Priority Group Schemes:

Current Cost also run schemes in conjunction with local authorities to help consumers reduce their bills. Monitors are loaned to the fuel-poor (families who use more than 10% income for home energy bills), and the elderly to help them reduce their fuel bills. This will lead to positive cost savings for those who really need it at no extra cost.